IP Address discovery service

Starnux.net offer a very simple service :


That prints the current IP address you are using :

Votre adresse IP est

Vous accedez a ce serveur en IPv4

JSON output : here

You can also get a JSON output at :


{ "ip": "", "protocol": "IPv4" }

And even force the IPv6 address at :


and get :

Votre adresse IP est 2001:41d1:b:5390::

Vous accedez a ce serveur en IPv6

JSON output : here

Same for JSON :


{ "ip": "2001:41d1:b:5390::", "protocol": "IPv6" }

And you can automate it from the terminal by running :

$ wget -q http://ip6.starnux.net/json.php -O - | json_pp
	   "protocol" : "IPv6",
           "ip" : "2001:42d0:b:5291::"

And interpret the JSON in python, ruby, go, … whatever !

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